Basement Remodeling


R ad G Home Improvement will transform your basement into a beautiful and useful oasis.  Whether it is a basic remodel to a full basement reconstruction, RG Home can handle the task. With tons of basement remodels already done we can help you design the remodel of your basement and suggest new ideas and new arraignments that you may not have thought of.

Having a fully functional basement can add value and functionality to your home. In most parts of the United States homes are built with unfinished basements, good for storage but that’s about it.

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The fun part about remodeling your home’s basement is all of the choices you get to make about the design, style and purpose of your new living space. Living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms are typically a part of a basement renovation. Make sure to use a basement remodeling contractor who will transform your ideas into reality, without sacrificing quality or service. We will ensure you receive the highest quality service with the best materials, craftsmanship and equipment.

With extra living space, you and your family are sure to enjoy your home to its fullest. When you start your remodeling project you will have the opportunity to decide exactly what you want your new area to include. By planning everything out before construction you will ensure that you are completely satisfied with your next major home improvement project. Don’t forget to add room for storage, a work area and even built in speakers…

Basement Remodeling in a nutshell

The first step a contractor will take in remodeling your basement is creating a “skeleton” by framing out each room with wooden 2x4s. This is the support system for all of your basement’s walls, doors and fixtures. From their electrical, HVAC and plumbing is run to its appropriate spots. Be sure to discuss what type of insulation you want in your new basement. If you’re thinking about having a home theater you might want to put sound deadening material in your new walls. Lastly drywall, plaster or wood paneling is attached clearly defining each living space. Drop ceilings or drywall ceilings then finish

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