Bathroom Remodeling

Here at R & G Home Improvement we know that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. That’s a fact. So, bathroom remodeling is a smart home investment.

When most think of bathroom remodeling, they think of rooms being stripped down to the studs and starting over. In fact, giving your bathroom a newly remodeled look can be as simple as replacing the sink/vanity. So when it comes time to renovate your bath room you can either take on the project yourself, or seek out reputable and affordable contractors to handle the job.

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Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Fixtures: Fixtures can give your bathroom a fresh, updated look. Stainless steel, brass and brushed nickel are timeless favorites.

To achieve the most sophisticated, pulled-together look, make all fixtures the same (eg, door and toilet handles, sink and bathtub knobs, and shower heads). This will give a seamless look to the overall design.

Paint: Walls are always the biggest space in a room. This is where you can make one of your biggest bathroom remodeling improvements, for perhaps the least amount of money.

Paint is one of the cheapest decorating tools around. With the right color, you can create a Zen-like spa retreat, a Parisian boudoir, or a luxury hotel-room feel, all with just a few strokes of a brush.

And you thought paint was just for adding color to a wall!

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Whether it be replacing a few parts or completely renovating your outdated bathroom, you can rest assured that you have the right local bathroom remodeling contractor for the job here at RG Home. We have the tools necessary to complete your job on time, on budget and the way you want it done. We offer design services and make sure that the job is done right.

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