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Let R & G Home Improvement tackle your roof repairs. We do it all. Simply roof patching to full on roof replacement.

When it comes to roof repair RG Home is your place to be. We offer a full service. In other words the service is not only restricted to residential roofing, but also includes commercial and industrial requirements. In most cases roof damage can be repaired, but sometimes the damage is so bad that the entire roof will need replacing.

Research of roofing repair businesses in Baltimore reveals that the majority offer repair as just one part of an all-encompassing roofing service. This includes leak detection, roof maintenance, window and gutter replacement and the installation of water heater vents. Most also offer a 24 hour service and provide free quotations.

In the worst case scenario of a roof having to be replaced, the contractor will first come and inspect your home or business. Once you have decided on the type of roofing material to be used, the contractor will organize the necessary permits. Choose a contractor that can guarantee all work will adhere to local building regulations. This will avoid unnecessary corrective expenses in the future.

Leaks and wind damage are the most common causes of roof damage in Houston. If a roof has not been properly constructed it will be very vulnerable to Houston’s harsh storms. As soon as you spot a leak it should be fixed immediately. While it is being repaired ask the contract to check for other areas that may be prone to leaking.

Anyone who has lived in Houston will know about those infamous heavy winds. During the summer months, the area is hit by many fierce tropical storms, and even the odd hurricane. With all this wind, hail and rain, your roof can be severely damaged. Just think back to the days of Hurricane Ike and how many roofs became victims.

In Baltimore it seems that the most popular types of roofing are tiles, metal, or asphalt shingles. If your roof needs replacing, tile roofing would be a good investment. Tiles are durable, energy efficient and can be obtained in many attractive colors. If a tile roof is installed by a roofing expert, you can expect it to be resistant to winds up to 130 mph. Because the tiles interlock water and ice cannot get underneath them.

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Many old building constructed in the 1700s were roofed with copper, lead or zinc. Two of the most historic buildings, the Monticello and the Washington Monument have metal roofs. Metal roofing is fire-retardant, durable and virtually maintenance free. Therefore metal would also be a wise choice.

Asphalt shingles are available in two types – organic mat or fiberglass. Organic shingles go through a process that makes the final product a lot heavier than fiberglass shingles. This gives extra weight which makes them wind resistant and very durable. It is very important when looking for roof repair Houston to locate a contractor who can offer the best possible protection against future damage.

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